JANUARY 2018 – CURRENT: American Legal News

Writes stories on politically charged-litigation at the Federal and state levels. Good grasp of constitutional principles.

Sample Articles:

Facial Recognition use by Police: Invasion of Privacy or Crime-Solving Breakthrough?

Sessions Petitions Supreme Court to Narrow Nationwide Sanctuary Cities Injunction

Facebook Algorithm Excludes Boomer Job-Hunters

Sessions Attacks Pre-Existing Conditions

Congress Partially Repeals Dodd-Frank Act

New Cannabis Workplace Policies Protect Employees Who Light Up Legally

Oklahoma Supreme Court Upholds Voter ID Law, Amid Trump “Voter Fraud” Allegations

Ex-VW CEO Indicted in DieselGate and VW May File Civil Suit Against Him

More Calls for Missouri Governor’s Impeachment; Sexual Felony Trial Starts this Month

Gorsuch Votes with Liberals to Strike Down Deportation Law

Vermont Pro-Gun Governor Phil Scott Signs Gun Control Laws After Local Teenager Plots Mass Murder

Obama’s Carbon Pricing Policy Thrives in Blue States

New York Qui Tam Attorneys Weigh in on Record $83 Million Award for Bank of America Whistleblowers

Blue States Try to Replace Obamacare Individual Tax Mandate; Red States Seek to Offer Stripped-Down Versions

LGBT Employees are Protected under Civil Rights Act

States and Cities are Banning Bump Stocks Used in Las Vegas Massacre

Maryland Joins Blue States’ Suit Against Tax Plan

As Florida Considers Felons’ Right to Vote, Private Prisons Raise 13th Amendment Questions

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Gerrymander Victory May Supersede High Court’s Jurisdiction, Legal Analysts Say

US Attorney Wages War on Future Massachusetts Pot Sales

Zinke Stops Florida Off-Shore Drilling: a Gift to Support Rick Scott’s Senate Bid?

Anti-environmentalist Pruitt Hit by Ninth Circuit; NY AG Schneiderman Suit in the Works

Federal Judges Halt Trump’s Attempt to Destroy Obamacare No-Cost Birth Control Mandate

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2016 – CURRENT: PersonalInjury.com

Writes stories on medical malpractice law.

Sample Articles:

Medical Apology Programs: A Debate about Medical Malpractice Reform

Organ “Snatching” Headlines First Medical Malpractice Victims’ Conference

Ohio Attorney General Latest to File Suit Against Teflon

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1993 – 2016: MEDICAL WRITER

Drug Topics, wrote articles for monthly pharmacist publication, in print and online.

Sample Articles:

Compounded drugs give indies an edge

CVS faces probes by FTC…

DOTmed.com, wrote news stores for clinicians and medical device manufacturers.

Sample Articles:

Electric Nose Can Sniff Out Kidney Diseases & Lung Cancer

Genentech Committee Says “Nay” to Roche

Read More DOTmed Articles…

CBS Healthwatch, wrote health articles for consumers.

Sample Articles:

Sixth-Sense Drugs May Improve Mood, Alter Hormones

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men? Testosterone and Male Menopause

Newsweek Special Section, wrote health stories for special advertising sections.

Sample Articles:

Migraine Mechanisms

Smoke Alarm: Ready to kick the cigarette habit?

Wrote for pubs including: Cornell Women’s Newsletter, GYN News, Urology Times, Psychiatric Times, Dermatology Times, Penthouse (story on women’s sexual physiology)


Chemical Market Report, reported on chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Computer Retail News, wrote articles for computer retailers.

Various McGraw-Hill Publications (including Medical World News and National Petroleum News)


Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
Attended courses at: Amherst College, Smith, and Mount Holyoke. Studied journalism at Hampshire and The University of Massachusetts, as part of Hampshire’s five-college curriculum.


From the ‘Newsweek Special Sections’ Editor:
“…she [Lynn] has done a sterling job – she is professional and prompt, and her work is well-researched and well-written…”(Read Full Testimonial)

From the ‘EmergingMed’ Editorial Director:
“…Ms. Shapiro has been one of the best freelance journalists I’ve ever worked with…” (Read Full Testimonial)